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  • February 27 , 2015

Ideas of oral insulin intake appear since 1930s but pharmacologists could not overcome a couple of difficulties. Until Now.

AnasulinOne is the first oral medication for diabetes.

90% of questions about AnasulinOne as the first in the world orally administered insulin are: “did nobody ever thought of that?”

The answer is: “yes they did”

The problem with oral administration of insuline is very complex but it focuses on two main aspects:

  1. Insulin destruction in stomach. Insulin is nothing more but a protein – it is very vulnerable for degradation and is quickly destroyed by stomach enzymes.
  2. Size of the molecules. Even if insulin would get through the stomach enzymes, its molecules are too large to be absorbed into the bloodstream and regulate blood sugar levels – about 30 times larger than the particles of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin).

After two years of research and hours spent in laboratory every single day, we have successfully developed insulin that can be absorbed orally.

The breakthrough happened in 2012 in a laboratory in Wroclaw Medical University in Wroclaw, Poland. We have developed the idea of coating the insulin pill with lipids that protect from degradation in stomach enzymes. The pill also contains vitamin B9 (folic acid), which improves insulin absorption into the bloodstream from the small intestine. The drug packed like that is absorbed into the bloodstream without its destruction by digestive enzymes. Although it sounds very simple, development of such pill requires very advanced chemical engineering. Ready pill is very convenient because it works for about 18-20 hours regulating levels of insulin in the bloodstream (insulin injections have to be taken every few hours).

Benefits of using AnasulinOne – blood sugar levels control with one pill a day.

The benefits of using AnasulinOne are more than just the simpleness of application and normalization of blood sugar levels but also preventing complications. Patients can start taking pills at the early stage of the disease and thus reduce the occurrence of some of the complications. One of the biggest challenges while using insulin injections is blood vessels protection. Almost all of the major complication from diabetes are in fact results of damaging capillaries, arteries and veins. Therefore, patients using insulin injections have to control not only blood sugar, but also blood pressure, lipid economy, including blood cholesterol and uric acid – factors that may cause arteriosclerosis. It is also very important to increase physical activity, adherence to diet and quitting smoking (nicotine increases blood pressure). For people with high risk of heart disease it is recommended to use appropriate doses of acetylsalicylic acid. Other complication can lead to complications like blindness and abnormal wound healing resulting sometimes in limbs amputation. All of this can be forgotten while using AnasulinOne – patients have to take only one pill daily, and make sure that their blood glucose levels have not changed over the month. It’s that simple. Take one pill daily, check blood glucose every month, and forget about injections. This method is completely complication-free.

Uniqueness of the pill

Every patient using AnasulinOne has a unique pill designed specifically for this patients’ situation. Control of blood glucose levels (fingersitcks) is necessary only once a month to assure that the blood sugar levels have not changed. Whenever a patient experiences a drop or a rise of glucose in blood he or she needs a different AnasulinOne pill with appropriate dose of insulin that will assure the right sugar levels for next month.

AnasulinOne has been successfully tested on both animals and humans.

Toxicology tests on rats have shown that AnasulinOne taken orally has no harmful effects and is as effective as insulin injections despite the different amounts of insulin being delivered to the bloodstream. Duration of injections is about 6-8 hours when insulin in the pill controlled level of blood sugar for up to 20 hours.

We have successfully examined a group of volunteers. The experiment was conducted on a group of 100 people with different stages of diabetes, different age (23-64 years old) for 8 months.

AnasulinOne was in 100% successful.

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